Celebrate 150 years of rugby in the Scottish capital.

To commemorate the club’s 150th anniversary, Edinburgh Rugby has unveiled a comprehensive history project, detailing the club’s full list of captains alongside every player to have worn the castle on their chest throughout the district and professional club’s entire existence.

In a project chronicling over 1300 players – from the very first, EM Bannerman of Edinburgh Accies in 1872 to more recent debutants like Sam Skinner (2022) – the club is now able to celebrate its extensive history, while mapping out the evolution of rugby in the Scottish capital.

In time, the club will also unveil its full list of internationalists and British and Irish Lions, while providing a full era-by-era timeline of the club’s evolution from inter-district days to the beginning of a new era of professional rugby at DAM Health Stadium.

Watch below as we celebrate 150 years of rugby in the Scottish capital, narrated by former captain, Scotland international and British and Irish Lion, Andy Irvine.

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