2024/25 Season Ticket Membership FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Season Ticket Members.

For further assistance please contact the Customer Services team on 0131 378 1600 or email ticket.centre@edinburghrugby.org

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. Please note, telephone lines are closed on Wednesdays.


  • What is the sales timeline?

    Monday 29 April 10am → Renewals, moves, upgrades open

    Monday 20 May 10am → Renewals, moves, upgrades closes

    Friday 24 May, 4pm → Castle Club pre-sale opens (non-renewed seats released)*

    Monday 27 May, 10am → Castle Club pre-sale closes

    Tuesday 28 May, 10am → General sale

    *23/24 Season Ticket Holders can still renew, move or upgrade their membership once the Castle Club pre-sale opens, however, it is not guaranteed that it will be possible to renew in the same seat/standing location.

  • What fixtures are included in a 2024/25 Season Ticket?

    Access to one home Scottish Building Society pre-season fixture

    Entry to nine home regular season BKT United Rugby Championship regular season fixtures

    Entry to two home regular season European pool-stage home fixtures

    Priority access to reserve your ticket(s) to the 1872 Cup fixture at Scottish Gas Murrayfield as part of your membership, as well as access to purchase additional tickets before the public sale.

    Play-offs/finals are not included in membership. Members will have first access to a pre-sale window to purchase match tickets for any play-off fixtures before the public sale

  • Are European fixtures included in my Season Ticket?

    Yes, two regular-season European fixtures are included in your 2024/25 Season Ticket Membership.

    Knock-out stages are not included within the Season Ticket Membership but you will have priority access to buy tickets for these matches where appropriate.

  • How much does a season ticket cost?


    *All 2024/25 Season Ticket Memberships are inclusive of a £5 order processing fee.

  • What are the Season Ticket benefits?

    Save on average up to 30% (all categories) compared to buying on a match-by-match basis

    Match ticket for the Scottish Building Society pre-season friendly against Gloucester on Friday 13 September, kick-off 7.30pm

    Nine regular season BKT United Rugby Championship games

    Two regular season European games

    Interest-free direct debit payment plan over four or three payments*

    First access to renew, move or upgrade your Season Ticket for the 2025/26 season

    Priority access to reserve or upgrade your ticket(s) to the 1872 Cup fixture at Scottish Gas Murrayfield as part of your membership, as well as access to purchase additional tickets

    Priority access to buy match tickets for BKT United Rugby Championship and European knock-out fixtures

    Ticket Exchange scheme for sold out games you cannot attend

    Easily and fully transferable memberships – send to a friend or family member if you can’t make a game (just remember to ask them to send it back to you!)

    Priority access to buy tickets to Glasgow Warriors v Edinburgh in the 1872 Cup at Scotstoun Stadium

    Early access to the digital matchday programme delivered direct to your inbox ahead of each home game

    BKT URC digital fixture list available to download to your calendar

    Invitation to at least one exclusive Season Ticket Member event

    Digital Season Ticket Card

    Automatic entry to win a signed 2024/25 match jersey


  • How do I renew my season ticket?

    The easiest and quickest way to renew is online.

    To renew, sign in to your Scottish Rugby Online Ticket Centre account using your login and password.

    Here you will have a new notification ‘You have season passes available Edinburgh Rugby Season 2024/25 – Buy Now’. Click ‘Buy Now’

    For guidance on accessing your online account please visit our FAQs page How do I access my Account Online?

    You can find instructions on how to renew your Season Ticket Membership here: How to Renew.

  • Can I renew the same seat I had in the 2023/24 season


    2023/24 Season Ticket Members can renew their existing space during the renewal window (29 April – 20 May), after this point, all non-renewed spaces will be made available to Castle Club Members, and then put on general sale.

  • I paid for my 2023/24 Season Ticket by direct debit - will it auto-renew for the 2024/25 season?

    No, your season ticket(s) will not automatically renew. To renew your season ticket please follow the steps here: How to Renew.

    You will have the option to turn on auto-renew for the 2025/26 season at the point of purchase.

  • How long do I have to renew my season ticket?

    Season Ticket Members will be able to renew, move or upgrade their current membership between Monday 29 April, 10am and Monday 20 May, 10am. After this time memberships will go on pre-sale to Castle Club Members.

    23/24 Season Ticket Members will still be able to renew, move or upgrade once the Castle Club pre-sale opens, however, it is not guaranteed they will be able to renew their 23/24 space

  • What happens if I don’t renew my Season Ticket before Friday 17 May?

    Any Season Ticket spots not renewed by Monday 20 May (10am) will be made available to Castle Club Members during their pre-sale window.

    Tickets will then go on public sale on Tuesday 28 May subject to availability.

  • Can I renew multiple season tickets?

    Yes, you can renew multiple Season Tickets.

    Please note: if you wish to purchase multiple season tickets on behalf of others, you must have set up your Network to be able to see all of the passes under your account.

    For more information on My Network and managing privileges please see How to Set Up ‘My Network’.

  • I wish to purchase additional Season Tickets for the 2024/25 season ahead of public sale, how do I do this?

    If you wish to purchase additional season tickets during your renewal window, please contact the Customer Services team BEFORE you renew your season ticket to discuss options and availability.

    Each member must have their own ticketing account to be able to assign a season ticket to them. If they need to create an account, please find instructions on how to register and activate an account here: How do I create/activate my account?

    If the assignee already has a Scottish Rugby ticketing account and cannot locate their client reference number please find guidance here on how to find this.

    We would also suggest you add each assignee to your network through your ticketing account, this enables you to purchase for them in future and assign the tickets to their individual ticketing accounts. To find out how to do this, please visit: My Network.

    For answers to other frequently asked questions please visit Ask Scottish Rugby.

  • Why do I need to register multiple members?

    In our continuous endeavour to provide our fans with the best possible customer experience, both as a member and on a match day, each season ticket member must have their Season Ticket in their own name.

    This does not impact your ability to continue to pay for Season Tickets on behalf of others. This will ensure however that all members are officially recognised as individual members.

    Updating this information will ensure that:

    • All members can utilise their benefits more efficiently and quickly.
    • All members will have their own ticketing account, meaning our Customer Services team can action any specific requests immediately, removing any time delays caused by having to communicate through the lead purchaser.
    • We can communicate with all members regarding their account, match day information, invitations to member events and important club updates and minimise the risk of these being missed.
    • Every member will be issued a Membership in their own name.
    • We can keep delivering safe events by having a better understanding of who is in the stadium on match days
    • We can have a better understanding of our Season Ticket Member demographics and can tailor member benefits and events accordingly.
    • Season Ticket Membership categories will be assigned correctly, for example if you are an Adult purchasing for a Senior their details should be listed



  • How can I pay for my Season Ticket?

    Supporters have two options for payment:

    • Debit / Credit Card
    • Direct Debit
  • What are the Direct Debit dates?

    Anyone who purchases before Sunday 30 June can pay in four equal instalments on Monday 8 July, Thursday 8 August, Monday 9 September, Tuesday 8 October.

    Anyone who purchases before Wednesday 31 July can pay in three equal instalments on Thursday 8 August, Monday 9 September, Tuesday 8 October.

    Members who wish to pay by card should ensure the account information is correct and the address and contact details match those registered to the card.

  • How much will I pay if I choose the four-payment Direct Debit option?

  • How much will I pay if I choose the three-payment Direct Debit option?

  • What is the order processing fee?

    Edinburgh Rugby apply a non-refundable order processing fee per match ticket/season ticket to cover the overheads associated with the processing and issuing of tickets.

    These fees will be added to bookings at the point of payment.

  • Under 2s

    From ticketing Terms & Conditions

    4.3 Children under the age of two (2) will be admitted to the Stadium for Matches free of charge if they are accompanied by an adult with a valid Ticket for the same Match. Children aged two (2) or over must have a valid Ticket and be accompanied by an adult with a valid Ticket for the same Match. Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • I am a Castle Club Member, how do I purchase?

    If you were a 2023/24 Castle Club member, you will have a priority window in which to log in online and purchase a season ticket.

    You must ensure you are logged into the account with your membership on it to be able to access your sale. Once logged in you will be able to select your seats from the available seats.

    We strongly advise that you check you can access the correct account prior to the sale window opening to avoid any delay in securing your seat on the day.

    To check you are in the correct account, please check the client reference number under your name online matches your membership number on your communication from us. If you need any further assistance with accessing the correct account, please get in touch with the Customer Services team.

  • Can I purchase multiple Season Tickets?

    Yes, you can purchase multiple season tickets if availability allows.

    In our continuous endeavour to provide our fans with the best possible customer experience, both as a member but also on a match day, each Season Ticket holder will now be required to have their Season Ticket in their own name.

    If you are purchasing more than one Season Ticket for yourself and your family/friends, you must assign each ticket to an individual Online Ticketing Account. For instructions on how to reassign please visit How do I assign when purchasing tickets/passes?



  • I am a current member, but I’m having issues logging in to my online account.

    Please find guidance on accessing your online ticketing account here.

    If you require any further assistance, please contact the Customer Services team.

  • How do I update my contact details?

    If any of your contact details have changed (e.g. address, e-mail address, phone number) please update your details on your online account or contact the Customer Services team.

    Click here for full instructions on how to update/amend your personal details.

  • How do I ensure I receive all relevant information regarding ticketing throughout the season?

    All member correspondence is done via email. It is vital that you supply us with a full and correct email address on your account to ensure you receive regular updates and DO NOT unsubscribe from any emails.

    If you think you have unsubscribed, please email info@edinburghrugby.org to be resubscribed.

    You can view and update your contact details at any time by logging into your Scottish Rugby Online Ticket Centre account.

  • Why am I not receiving emails? 

    The most common reason for members not receiving emails is due to them unsubscribing from our various mailing lists.


    The mailing list we typically use to communicate key information with supporters is the Edinburgh Rugby Operational List. These emails will typically come from the following addresses:

    • members@n.edinburghrugbyservice.org
    • donotreply@n.edinburghrugbyservice.org

    (These are not promotional emails and contain important information regarding your membership. You can unsubscribe from these emails BUT WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do NOT unsubscribe, in case you miss important information regarding your membership and we are unable to contact you.)

    If you are not receiving any of these type of emails, please contact info@edinburghrugby.org so we can re-subscribe you.

    Other reasons include using the wrong email address linked to your account or your mailbox being full.


    If you are not receiving marketing emails, please click here to opt in.

    Make sure our emails reach your inbox by adding the following addresses to your address book:

    • news@n.edinburghrugby.org
    • donotreply@n.edinburghrugby.org

Ticketing terms and conditions can be found here.

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