We are proud of the medical care on hand for our professional players. The club is staffed with highly experienced and skilled Chartered Physiotherapists and Doctors who put the patient first in any medical issues.

Our S&C coaches work very closely with our rugby coaches to ensure optimal performance is achieved on the pitch. The physical preparation of players is of paramount importance within the club and physical expectations are high. S&C coaches, world class facilities and technology, such as GPS, are in place to enhance performance, reduce injury potential and support the longevity of player’s rugby career.

A key strength of our medical team is long term injury management as we focus on returning a player ready to perform rather than simply ready to play. Our medical teams are aligned to our coaching team to enable players to return from injury within optimal timescales to remain at peak performance on the rugby pitch.


Mental health doesn’t always stay the same – it changes all the time and is constantly influenced by what happens in our day-to-day activities. One in four adults will face challenges with their own mental health at some point in their lives and our players are no different; particularly when they are faced with a combination of different life experiences and cultures. There are a number of ways to cope with some of the challenges and pressures of professional sport, and a big part of the Rugby for Life programme is aiding our players through this journey.

We are working hard to remove the stigma attached to talking about mental health. Being comfortable in talking about how you are feeling is vital to being healthy. We know that when players are mentally healthy, they perform better in all parts of their life.

A number of our support team have completed the two day Mental Health First Aid course which provides knowledge in recognising signs of poor mental health, and the identification and delivery of proactive support when it’s required. There are many people players can talk things through with and websites they can refer to, when they feel they require extra support.

Should a player need further support within the mental health and wellbeing arena we can provide bespoke support packages designed to assist professional players understand and cope with the highs and lows of a playing career.

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