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Edinburgh Rugby is seeking to ensure that if individuals have concerns about negative behaviours or matters associated with the club, they are able to raise them.

Below, you can review the existing channels of communication available to raise your concerns, and we hope supporters can use these channels to allow Edinburgh Rugby to act appropriately in a timely fashion and create a positive outcome for all involved.

Edinburgh Rugby encourages individuals who have issues to use these existing channels first, prior to coming to Tell Us, however if for whatever reason you do not feel you can use the channels in the first instance, please use Tell Us. There are no barriers for its use.

Contacting the club

There are several ways of contacting Edinburgh Rugby, and its many constituent parts, directly. These are outlined on our ‘Contact Us’ page There are links to everything from ticketing to community engagement, merchandise, and charity requests. For general enquiries you can also visit Ask Scottish Rugby here.

However, where a matter is more serious, or you feel your serious concerns have not been addressed, you can reach out to Edinburgh Rugby using Tell Us.

What is Tell Us?

Tell Us is an email support resource created to allow individuals to raise concerns or share negative experiences relating to incidents of discrimination.

This includes, but is not limited to, racism, homophobia, misogyny, sexism, or transphobia.

The dedicated and confidential inbox will be monitored on a daily basis, with submissions shared to experienced representatives, depending on the level of support and action required.

Tell Us is here to give you a voice with the knowledge that you will be supported, concerns will be handled sensitively, investigated when appropriate and addressed for the benefit of all involved.

Contact us:


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