Edinburgh vs Glasgow: 23 November 1872

Edinburgh vs Glasgow: 23 November 1872

Today Edinburgh Rugby celebrates its 150th anniversary, and we've taken a look back at our very first game - the oldest inter-city match in the world - sourcing the match report of our first clash with Glasgow.

“The first of the above matches was played at Burbank on Saturday. The teams were composed of the picked men of the Edinburgh and Glasgow clubs, and the result was looked forward to with great interest.

Good play was expected, nor were the spectators disappointed. Notwithstanding miserable weather the match was played out in a truly splendid manner. The Edinburgh team was heavier than that of Glasgow, the latter being composed of light but extremely active men.

The Edinburgh captain kicked off about three o’clock, and the ball was carried well into the Glasgow quarters. Some good running then took place, Mr Kidston, for Glasgow, materially assisting in bring the ball to the centre of the field. Notwithstanding the weight against them, the good working together of the Glasgow team helped them withstand the splendid charges of their Edinburgh opponents, and nothing decisive was got during the first twenty minutes.

The play during the next period got more exciting, some splendid runs on both sides taking place – Messrs Chalmers and drew materially assisting. They had, however, to touch down behind three times before time was called.

On next change of goals, the Edinburgh men came down with a rush and penned the ball in Glasgow quarters. McClure, however, got the ball, and, being well backed up, came to the middle of the field. Again, however, the Edinburgh forwards, working well together approached, though slowly, the Glasgow goal; and Marshall, taking a beautiful chance given to him, cleverly dropped an unmistakable goal. After a pause the ball was again in play, some good drop kicking from the backs of both sides taking place. When the ball, however, came to the ground, the weight of Edinburgh began to tell, and Glasgow was again held in close proximity to their goal. Charge after charge here to place by the Edinburgh men, Irvine, Macfarlane, and Junor showing prominently, and some of the finest play of the day was to be seen at this point. Time was however called without further assault, leaving the Edinburgh team winners of one of the best matches we have ever seen played.”

The Scotsman, 25 November 1872

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