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As part of our ongoing drive to improve access, security and sustainability on matchdays, Edinburgh Rugby will now issue all Season Ticket Memberships and match tickets digitally via the same FREE Ticketing App as Scottish Rugby.

The Scottish Rugby Ticketing App can be downloaded here.

From the start of the 2023/24 season, all Edinburgh match tickets and Season Tickets will be sent to the Scottish Rugby Ticketing App to be scanned at the turnstiles at Hive Stadium upon entry. Your ticketing account, through which you purchased your tickets, will link your tickets to the new App using the mobile number registered to your ticketing account.

If you have never used the app before, take a moment to watch Scottish Rugby’s video showing how to download the app, where to find your tickets and how to transfer tickets to others in your group. In addition, you’ll find answers to a wide range of Frequently Asked Questions about the Ticketing App on the ASK Scottish Rugby section of the website. 

There is also a selection of useful guides provided by Scottish Rugby below.

  • Click HERE for the Match Ticket Guide
  • Click HERE for the Season Ticket Guide
  • Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions

All Edinburgh games will be serviced via the new Ticketing App. Edinburgh Rugby Season Tickets will also be issued on the Ticketing App this season.

Each Season Ticket will be issued to the individual account holder. If you have purchased on behalf of an under 18 you can use your own mobile number on their account to allow the ticket to be sent directly to your app.

  • What is Mobile Ticketing?

    Mobile tickets replace the need for paper or print-at-home tickets. Your mobile ticket, displayed on your smartphone using the new Scottish Rugby Ticketing App, will allow you to enter events with a quick scan of the ticket on your App. As there should only be one ticket per device, all ticket holders (not just the purchaser) must download the app so they can receive their tickets from the purchaser in order to enter the stadium (excluding children or dependants). If you’ve bought a few tickets for family or friends, you’ll be able to transfer these tickets to each person in your group once they have downloaded the app to their smartphone.

  • Transferring tickets to your family and friends

    All tickets for Edinburgh fixtures at Hive Stadium are being issued digitally using the new app. As there should only be one ticket per device, all ticket holders (except children or dependants) must download the app so the purchaser can transfer their tickets to their devices in order to enter the stadium. Transferring tickets to your guests is quick and easy – you can view a short video explaining how to do this HERE and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

  • How can I download the App?

    Download the app here

    The app is available to download now from the relevant app store for your device. You can find out everything you need to know about downloading the app HERE with further information available HERE in the ASK section of this website.

  • When will match tickets appear in the App?

    If your mobile number and country of residence are correct on your account, your digital match ticket(s) will appear in the App no later than five working days prior to the match you are attending. If you are a season ticket holder, your season ticket(s) should be delivered to your app within two weeks of the first match of the season and will be used for all matches included in the season ticket.

    If you transfer your Season Ticket to another individual, you must ask them to transfer this back to you ahead of the next match.

    Tickets are typically released in the order fixtures are played. Therefore if you have purchased tickets for more than one game (e.g. multi-match packages) please note they will not all arrive at the same time, but should appear in your App by the week of the game at the latest.

  • How will Scottish Rugby use your mobile number?

    As well as being an integral part of Scottish Rugby’s drive for improved sustainability, access and security, moving to a paperless ticketing system is part of our digital transformation journey to improve the supporter experience on matchdays. As with all our communications, you have total control over how your data is used. When you download the App you’ll be able to choose whether you want to be sent promotional text messages. If you don’t want to receive these, simply leave the option unticked and your mobile number will ONLY be used to send your digital ticket(s).

  • Any other questions?

    If you have any questions or require further assist you can contact the Customer Services team by emailing ticket.centre@sru.org.uk or call us on 0131 378 1600, 10am-4pm Monday to Friday (excluding Wednesdays).

What to do next: Going to a match this season?

Ahead of purchasing a ticket for any of Edinburgh’s forthcoming games at Hive Stadium, please log on to your Scottish Rugby Ticketing account and check the following:

  1. Make sure your mobile number is correct (see below for the necessary format)
  2. Ensure the country in your address is correct
  • Mobile Number

    It is imperative that we have a mobile number to which we can send your digital match tickets or Season Tickets. If you have bought a ticket for any match this season, the first thing to do is check the mobile phone number on your Scottish Rugby Ticketing account through which you purchased your tickets. You MUST provide a mobile number to receive your Edinburgh Rugby Season Tickets or match tickets. Your Scottish Rugby ticketing account will link your tickets to the new App using the mobile number registered to your ticketing account.

    • Mobile numbers must be entered as a continuous mobile number (no spaces).
    • If you are a UK resident, your number should start with 07. (Or, if you include the UK dialling code, start with +447).
    • If you are based out-with the UK, please start with your country’s international dialling code with + at the start and no leading zero. For example, from Ireland this would be +353.
  • Country

    Please ensure the country listed in the mailing address on your account matches the country’s dialling code associated with your mobile. If the country in your address does not match the dialling code, the system will not recognise your mobile number. Please note: if you are resident in the UK, the country should read United Kingdom (i.e. not Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland).

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