Edinburgh Rugby and the environment

Edinburgh Rugby is committed to protecting and nurturing our environment and as such has specific waste and recycling processes in place which underpin our determination to work with supporters to advance the care for our planet and precious resources.

Edinburgh Rugby has achieved zero landfill waste for every year since 2011 and we are determined to build on this by encouraging supporters to make greater use of the recycling bins at the club’s home on match days.

Waste is segregated at source. It’s then further segregated when it reaches the depot, with all component parts broken down and recycled.

As far as carbon footprint management, Edinburgh Rugby complies with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and has done since 2015. The aim of ESOS is to cut carbon emissions by requiring large businesses to identify energy reduction measures and make energy savings.

As part of that process, inefficient lighting, boilers, and flues have been replaced and a computerised irrigation system has been installed to reduce water usage on the pitches.

In addition, all green waste – including grass from pitches – is composted.

At a glance:

  • 0% Landfill Policy– We have replaced our full complement of match day general bins (and replaced them with a split of ‘Dry Mix Recycled’ and ‘General Waste’ red bins to allow our fans to segregate their waste at source. Our Dry Mix goes to be recycled at plant nearby in Broxburn with the remainder, General Waste, is sent to be burnt and converted into fuel to power electricity and cement plants in a process referred to as ‘refuse derived fuel’ or ‘waste to energy’.
  • Food -Goes to an anaerobic digestion facility which turns waste into electricity.
  • Glass– All recycled
  • Grass Cuttings– All composted through our waste provider BIFFA
  • Metal and Wood– Sent separately to be recycled through BIFFA and DALTONS Metal Recycling
  • Pallets– Blue pallets re-used – Normal wooden pallets taken away to be re-used.
  • Electrical Items– Collected and sent through as WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) through our waste providers Building Management System – We are currently investing in the upgrade of our BMS which is helping us to reducing our electricity and gas usage throughout the estate and subsequently – reducing our footprint.
  • Water– Scottish Rugby is currently exploring the option of borehole water provision on site, with work on this ongoing
  • Turf– We have adjusted our commodity volume purchases to reduce plastic waste, we utilise plant growth regulators to reduce our grass cutting frequency and have reduced our fungicide usage to an absolute minimum.
  • Printer cartridges – All sent to be recycled.

ELLIOR – catering and hospitality provision

  • 40% reduction in beef consumption – to reduce emissions associated with high-carbon animal proteins, achieved through redesign of menus.
  • 25% reduction in food waste – working with Chefs Eye (scale to measure daily waste and online portal to record wastage) to increase awareness of waste and influencing behaviours to reduce this waste. No use of single use plastics on site (i.e. cutleries, straws)
  • Use of plant-based disposable – switched to plant-based compostable packaging during the start of 2020

Getting to the game

We also encourage all fans to attend matches at the home of Edinburgh Rugby on foot or by public transport.

Edinburgh Rugby’s home is a 30-minute walk from the west end of Princes Street and well served by several public transport links. Buses and trams run very close to the stadium and a cycle path runs adjacent to the ground, offering more safe routes across the city for pedestrians. Limited parking for bicycles is also available at the stadium.

Situated at the west end of the city-centre, Haymarket Station is 20-minutes’ walk (or one tram stop) away, and will connect you to further afield, with regular routes out of the city.


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