Rugby For Life

Rugby for Life is Edinburgh Rugby’s Player Assistance Programme.

The aim of our Rugby for Life programme is to assist players at the appropriate age and stage of their career to achieve a sustainable sport/life balance, and ensure the transition within and out of professional rugby as smoothly as possible.

We are committed to supporting our players on and off the pitch. We believe that players develop valuable skills and experience through playing rugby that are transferable into many walks of life after professional sport.


We believe that a well-rounded person becomes a better player, and that player can become a great leader, that not only benefits the team but also benefits their family and friends and the communities around them well after the playing days are over.

We support our players to proactively explore interests outwith rugby, to continue to learn and upskill through education and vocation learning, to maintain strong connections with family and friends and to build meaningful relationships with networks “outside of the stadium gates”. Equipping our players with the necessary tools can help aid a smoother transition in and out of rugby, whether that transition out of rugby is by choice or not.


Part of being a professional athlete in any sport is making good decisions across the many different environments that they find themselves in. Providing opportunities and access for players to undertake development in key areas to understand their obligations and responsibilities as professional players is fundamental to their own welfare and the integrity of the game.


Mental health doesn’t always stay the same – it changes all the time and is constantly influenced by what happens in our day-to-day activities. One in four adults will face challenges with their own mental health at some point in their lives and our players are no different; particularly when they are faced with a combination of different life experiences and cultures. There are different ways to cope with some of the challenges and pressures of professional sport, and a big part of the Rugby for Life programme is aiding our players through this journey.

We are always working on creating a safe environment so that people can put their hand up and ask for help and remove the stigma attached to talking about mental health. We know that when players are mentally healthy, they perform better not just on the pitch but in all parts of their life.



Edinburgh Rugby x Social Bite

During the 2023/24 pre-season players volunteered with local charity Social Bite as part of the club's ongoing Our Burgh community outreach.

Watch how they got on

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