URC launches ‘Unity Round’ in support of Stonewall Rainbow Laces

URC launches ‘Unity Round’ in support of Stonewall Rainbow Laces

The BKT United Rugby Championship has announced their Rainbow Laces campaign that aims to promote inclusion in sport.

This weekend the BKT United Rugby Championship is proud to announce the launch of the Unity Round. The most colourful and inspirational round of the leagues season as the BKT URC dedicates a weekend to promoting inclusivity in sport, with rugby and the BKT URC eager to change mindsets and showcase that our events and games should be a welcome space for everyone.

It is about respect and recognition. The belief of equality with ongoing activities that embrace inclusiveness as the norm and not the exception.

The weekend will start with Zebre Parma playing host to Cardiff Rugby at the Stadio Lanfranchi on the March 24 and concludes with Ulster playing against the Vodacom Bulls in Belfast on Saturday, March 25.

Players, match officials & wider team management have been given the choice to wear the Rainbow Laces on their boots or trainers. Rainbow coloured strapping will also be made available to the players to wear.

At all match venues, BKT URC branding will be updated incorporating the rainbow progress flag along with new assistant referee flags. Ahead of Unity Round this weekend, all BKT URC social channels will have a complete rebrand to include the rainbow colours. Content specially created for Unity Round will also be shared throughout the week.

The BKT URC has been working in support of the Stonewall Rainbow Laces campaign and emphasising the message that everyone in the LGBTQ+ community should feel comfort and contentment in wanting to be a part of the sport.

Since the launch of Rainbow Laces in 2013, more than a million people have laced up to light up the visibility that there be no discrimination of people in society, which extends to the sporting fields.

The BKT URC fully believes that rugby is a game for all.

Join us and ensure that disrespectful language, attitudes and abuse have no place in our sport!

United. We. Rise.


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