Edinburgh ‘A’ defeat Heriot’s Rugby in Sprint opener

Edinburgh ‘A’ defeat Heriot’s Rugby in Sprint opener

Edinburgh ‘A’ got their FOSROC Super Series Sprint opener off to the best possible start, claiming a bonus-point 19-36 win against Heriot’s Rugby at Goldenacre on Saturday afternoon.

They sky greyed as the game got underway at Goldenacre and Edinburgh made fast work out the gate.

Seizing the opportunity of Heriot’s Cam Jones’ blind side, Edinburgh’s Jamie Hodgson uses his strength to plant the ball down securing the first try of the game. Charlie Savala added the extras.

Heriot’s were keen to show the guests they mean business as they pushed back against a strong Edinburgh side. After multiple phases of intense play Finn Douglas used his strength to get himself over the line and add another five points to Edinburgh’s lead. Extras were missed.

Edinburgh’s Finn Douglas created a gap in the Heriot’s line which allowed Glen Young to grab the ball and sprint over the whitewash dotting the ball over the line. The wind made it a difficult kick for Savala and he proved unsuccessful.

The guests at Goldenacre continue to dominate the scoreboard as Nathan Sweeney stretched over the line to get the fourth try of the game. The wind proved no issue for Savala this time as the ball soared through the posts.

Heriot’s entered the second half eager to get some points on the board and made good ground on several occasions but a series of fumbles left them empty handed.

The home side was keen to make made their presence known as they remained relentless in the opposition’s 22. Captain Ian Wilson drove himself over the line to secure Heriot’s first try of the game. The conversion was missed.

Great strides made by Nathan Sweeney which allowed Edinburgh to enter Heriot’s 22 for the first time in the second half. An interrupted kick from Heriot’s allowed Edinburgh’s Bruce Houston to make use of the gap and score. Houston then successfully converted his own try, further advancing Edinburgh’s lead.

Hungry for more points Heriot’s Cammy Fenton drove himself over the line with seven minutes left on the clock.

Exploding across the line to get the final try of the match for Edinburgh was replacement Paddy Harrison.


FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 19 – 36 Edinburgh Rugby A

Referee: Michael Todd

FOSROC Player of the Match: Jamie Hodgson (Edinburgh Rugby)


Heriot’s Rugby: Iain Wilson, Matt Davidson, Cammy Fenton

Edinburgh Rugby A: Jamie Hodgson, Finn Douglas, Glen Young, Nathan Sweeney, Bruce Houston, Paddy Harrison.


Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones (2)

Edinburgh Rugby A: Charlie Savala (2), Bruce Houston


Edinburgh Rugby A: Harri Morris

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