Edinburgh Rugby Fans Group show their support to pro-academy

Edinburgh Rugby Fans Group show their support to pro-academy

The Edinburgh Rugby Fans Group have shown their support to the club’s up and coming men’s players by purchasing academy support packages for all 15 of the capital side’s pro-academy squad members.

Having raised over £2,500 to secure all academy support packages, the fans group are backing the next generation of Edinburgh stars while putting money back into the capital club.

Edinburgh Rugby Fans Group Co-Founder Nicola Constantinou has expressed the supporters’ pride in sponsoring the future of the club, and said:

“We are really proud, as a group, to sponsor all our academy players this year.

“Being able to invest in the stars of the future, players who could often be overlooked but have the potential to be first team names within the next few years.

“In sponsoring the academy it’s allowed us to ‘get to know’ them and raise their profile amongst the fans.”

Edinburgh Managing Director thanked the fans for their support of the club’s academy players.

He said: “The support of the Edinburgh Rugby Fans Group is second to none and It’s brilliant to see how they’ve come together to get behind our up-and-coming academy players.

“A massive thanks to every member of our fans group that contributed to over £2,500 raised – it’s hugely appreciated by everyone at the club.”

The Edinburgh Rugby Fans Group have this season purchased academy support packages for the following players:

Ollie Blyth-Lafferty, Jerry Blyth-Lafferty, Jack Brown, Finlay Burgess, Isaac Coates, Tom Currie, Robbie Deans, Freddy Douglas, Finn Douglas, Ollie Duncan, Jack Hocking, Liam McConnell, Euan McVie, Harri Morris and Hector Patterson.

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