Press Pass: Castres up next

Press Pass: Castres up next

Get the latest from Senior Coach Sean Everitt ahead of Saturday’s crunch European clash with Castres Olympique at Hive Stadium with this week’s Glen Moray Press Pass.

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On what he took from defeat in Clermont

“As we can see from the results on the weekend, it is really difficult to win away from home. But it was a good experience for myself and the team, particularly some of the less experienced players – where else would they gain that experience if you are not out there playing.

“So, it is frustrating that we didn’t get the result but at the end of the day we’ve got another shot this weekend.

“It is important to win your home games in the Challenge cup, and if you win two then sometimes that is close enough to get through, but obviously we’ve got three games left so it would be great to win all three.”


On Darcy Graham’s return to action

“Darcy is available for selection, we just haven’t decided how we are going to use him yet.

“Darcy was one of the best wings in the World Cup so it is great to have him back and he was the top try scorer as well. He brings a wealth of experience and he certainly excites people on counter attack and that is what Castres is going to offer us.

“So, I am looking forward to having him back. Without Blair there, he offers us leadership in the back three as well and he is a world class.

“It is exciting for the team, it is exciting for him and he is chomping at the bit to get back on the field and me not having worked with him it is great to see him back out there.


On what Darcy is like to work with

“He is very receptive for information, and we listen to him as well because he has experience.

“One thing I am big about is work rate and effort and he certainly has got that and that is why he gets so many touches on the ball, so his challenge is to outplay the likes of Duhan and Wes when he gets the opportunity because they have been going well.

“It is always good to have a player as good as Darcy back and the crowd will be pleased to see him back on the field.”


On Darcy potentially playing full-back

“We haven’t looked at it at the moment. It would be an option for us with his counter-attack ability, but having said that we’ve got Harry Patterson who played on the wing last week but played well at full-back against Glasgow A.

“What we have to do is bring Darcy back and get his confidence going as he has been out for a period of time and I think the best place for that is in his position on the wing.

On Emiliano Boffelli’s return

“He has joined training this week. He’s got through the unit sessions and will join the full training again on Thursday. Hopefully if there are not any hiccups during Thursday’s training he will be available for selection the following week.

“He will absolutely be our 15. He is a semi-finalist in the World Cup and when he is fit he will be up for selection, and then you have an international back-three and a guy like Wes Goosen to choose from as well who has been in good form for us too.”


On Scotland internationalists returning

“Yes, we do hve them back. It is great that we could Javan, Robin and Boan in the front-row when the internationals are away, but now those guys are looking to get back.

“I know the front-row never like having a rest because they feel they have to stay in touch with their fitnesss and conditioning, but Pierre and WP, and guys like Grant Gilchrist, Dave Cherry and Jamie Ritchie as well, bring leadership so it is great to have them back this weekend.

“Dave Cherry is also back fit which is great.


On any other injuries in the squad

“WP is struggling still with an adductor. It is a wait and see thing. Other than that I think we are okay.”

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