Edinburgh Rugby and Scottish Building Society team up to Tackle Maths

Edinburgh Rugby and Scottish Building Society team up to Tackle Maths

Edinburgh Rugby and Scottish Building Society have today launched a new initiative to help pupils across Scotland ‘Tackle Maths’.

Tackle Maths is a programme aimed at helping school pupils aged between 8-12 years-old gain practical maths skills by using rugby and real-life examples to show just how important maths is in everyday life.

From measuring the length and breadth of the pitch, working out the capacity of the stadium and estimating the height of the posts, all mathematical challenges have been designed to encourage pupils to think about maths lessons in a different way.

Launched at the home of Edinburgh Rugby, Scotland internationalists Blair Kinhgorn and Sam Skinner joined kids and teachers to participate in the programme which focuses on outdoor learning and practical examples.

The programme aims to educate 175 children this year with hopes that the programme could one day become part of the school curriculum.

Paul Denton, Chief Executive, Scottish Building Society said: “Scottish Building Society is passionate about teaching children early the value of maths and financial planning. Initiatives like Tackle Maths help to show youngsters about the practical benefits of having strong maths skills and that learning does not just have to be confined to the classroom.

“Having players out there explaining to the pupils about how they use maths whilst in a game and talking about the difficulty they had with maths at school versus learning through real life examples gives them a pathway to not simply giving up on learning.

“In line with our 175 year anniversary our aim is to get 175 pupils through this programme over this year which would be a huge achievement.”

Douglas Struth, Managing Director, Edinburgh Rugby said: “Edinburgh Rugby is at its heart a community rugby club – working in partnership with Scottish Building Society to deliver the Tackle Maths programme demonstrates this commitment to helping those kids who do so much to support us throughout the season.

“This programme is all about getting kids out of the classroom and learning in a practical manner. We are aiming to get 175 pupils through the Tackle Maths programme this year and so we can’t wait to see more kids back at the stadium, learning with the help of Main Club Partner, Scottish Building Society.

Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland lock, Sam Skinner said: “For a lot of kids, maths isn’t the easiest of subjects. It wasn’t until I started playing professionally and living as an adult that you realise how important maths is in everday life.

“Plenty of kids need practical examples and trial and error to learn, and I just wished I had programmes like this when I was at school. It’s brilliant to see the Tackle Maths initiative up and running.”

The first session was held with 60 P6 and P7 children from local Roseburn Primary School, who worked with Edinburgh Rugby to create the questions and activities in line with Curriculum For Excellence. Teachers and pupils alike praised the experience.

Roseburn Primary School Teacher, Jacqui Gardner, said: “For the pupils, getting the chance to apply their maths skills in a real-life situation while having the opportunity to use trundle wheels, stop watches and laser measures for a purpose was absolutely fantastic.

“It engages children in maths in a way they can’t experience in the classroom and links to an area popular with many, P.E.  It was a motivating experience for all and a fun morning takn part.”

“The Tackle Maths initiative is the real world and it showcases how important maths is in everyday life. These are skills that pupils can take forward in their education.

“A massive thanks to Edinburgh Rugby and Scottish Building Society for working with us in the launch of a brilliant and educational initiative.”

Email community@edinburghrugby.org if your school is interested in taking part in the Tackle Maths initiate in 2023.

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