Edinburgh Rugby squad to volunteer with Social Bite

Edinburgh Rugby squad to volunteer with Social Bite

Edinburgh’s star men will be volunteering with Scottish Charity Social Bite throughout the opening month of pre-season training. 

The initiative is part of Edinburgh’s Our Burgh campaign and Rugby for Life programme, which sees the players giving back to our local community.

Social Bite, whose movement aims to end homelessness, are a charity that provides homes, jobs, food, and support to empower people to transform their own lives.

During the first three weeks of pre-season training, the club’s players will all aid in food services to the homeless and vulnerable, distributing breakfast at Social Bite’s Rose Street café, and afternoon meals at Vesta on Queensferry Street.

The volunteering will see the players interact with people in the community, assisting the vital work that Social Bite carry out.

On the volunteering, Head of Strength and Conditioning Mark Robertson said:

“Community outreach is an important pillar for the club, and with food poverty being such a prevalent issue it was a no brainer to volunteer with Social Bite at their food services.

“Our players are in a really fortunate position, so being able to give back in any way they can is hugely important, and a big part of the direction we want the club to go in.”

Player Development Manager Ben Atiga added: “The players understand the impact that they can make within their local communities and volunteering at food banks is an incredible way to make a difference.

“Helping out on the frontlines and meeting people from different walks of life, it can give our players a deeper understanding on how tough people find navigating life while also appreciating the position they are in to help and contribute in a meaningful way.”

Click here to find out more about Social Bite and their movement to end homelessness.

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