Player Sponsor Feature: SouthSide Property Management

Player Sponsor Feature: SouthSide Property Management

Learn more about SouthSide Property Management who have this year sponsored Edinburgh Rugby academy graduate and stand-off Cammy Scott for the 2023/24 season.

From the history of the organisation to a spotlight on the company’s most notable projects in the last 12 months, we catch up with one of Edinburgh’s leading property agencies.

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Can you tell us more about Southside Property, the history of the organisation and how long you’ve been based in Edinburgh?

The SouthSide story began in 2009. Owner John [Davidson] noticed that landlords and tenants were being overcharged in many ways, from tenant fees to “hidden costs”.

So being a landlord himself, he started to manage his own buy-to-let properties, whilst completing a graduate management programme.

Fourteen years on, SouthSide now employs a team of around 40 full and part-time team members who have all played a part in the company’s growth and success and who bring a wealth of knowledge to our clients.

As a company, they focus on long-term relationships and excluding new team members recruited this year, over half of our team have been with the company for between five and fourteen years.


Can you talk us through any notable projects you’ve been involved with or a project that Southside Property were particularly proud of in 2023?

Mainly refurbishment of properties and helping clients navigate the challenges and legislation in the private rental sector.

There is a such a shortage of rental accommodation and so trying to juggle the huge tenant demand and enquiries for so few properties has not been an easy one.

Hitting over 1000 google reviews about what we do has also been really pleasing!


What are the biggest challenges that Southside Property face in the New Year as an organisation and how are you overcoming that?

There always plenty of challenges in this industry, however landlords looking to sell, particularly in the last month and last year, due to mortgage rates and legislation is one that we’re overcoming.

Transparency is paramount and SouthSide do not charge any hidden fees and never add a commission to maintenance, it’s just the direct cost that is passed onto a landlord.

The cost of advertising and reletting is also absorbed for long-term landlords which, goes someway to helping our landlords make savings during these tougher times.

In addition, we take over the management with a tenant in place already, we also reduce our management fees.


You’ve chosen to sponsor Cammy Scott for the season – why have Southside Property chosen Cammy and what will it mean to have Cammy represent you this season?

Cammy [Scott] is an up and coming player with a huge amount of potential. We’re excited to see what he can do this season and it’s a real pleasure to support him.


Finally, what are the main targets/objectives of the organisation as we enter 2024?

Client entertainment and to getting to know our clients in a social setting such as attending Edinburgh Rugby fixtures.


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