Press Pass: Lawrie on season finale

Press Pass: Lawrie on season finale

Get the latest from Forwards Coach Stevie Lawrie ahead of Friday night’s BKT United Rugby Championship clash against Ulster at Kingspan Stadium with Glen Moray Press Pass.

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Injury update

“Marshall Sykes won’t be available this weekend. He did his lap of honour on the buggy so the boys had a good giggle at that.

“He’s injured his knee. It’s actually a bit of a recurrence of an injury. He’s been managing it gingerly but he picked up a bit of bang. So that’s the finish of his season but hopefully he’ll be back for [the start of] next season.” 


On travelling to face Ulster

“We’ve not been to the Kingspan, or Ravenhill as it was, for a long time and they’re flying high, pushing for second place, so it’s going to be a big challenge, but an exciting challenge.

“We played with a lot of freedom at the weekend against Ospreys and we’d like to continue that.

“Ulster will be a different challenge. Their strength in their maul and we will have to try to nullify that and also show our own maul, which actually went well at the weekend.”


On last season’s Ulster defeat

“It was, Magnus dropped the ball and didn’t quite get over the line. But that’s what they do to you.

“They’re happy to defend on their line. One of the reasons why they’re second in the league is that they’re tough.

“We know this game is generally won five metres in on each side so we have to make sure we are resilient and can get over the line, and that we keep them out when we’re on our own goal. line.”


On finding motivation for the game

“I think you’ve got to find a theme. Last week it was all about the fans and we’re continuing that into this week because I think they’ve had a tough enough season as it is.

“So to potentially finish in 10th place, or ninth if other results go our way… well, I’d rather finish 10th than 12th.

“So we’ve got to go into every single game ensuring we’re playing as best as we can. Players have got different motivations and you try to tap into that but ultimately, they’re playing for Edinburgh and I expect them to play as well as they can.”


On his own role next season

“I think that’s the business. Scottish Rugby have said they are going through a process.

“It’s an exciting time for the club as well. We know it won’t be Mike who’s Head Coach but whoever that person is will have a squad with a lot of quality there to work with.

“But to answer your question, that’s the nature of the game.”


On whether the Head Coach role interests him

“At the minute, that’s not for me. You can jump too quickly sometimes.

“For me, learning from other head coaches is invaluable just now, and developing myself as a forwards coach and a contact coach.

“I believe in earning stripes and I want to concentrate on being a forwards coach just now.”

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