1872 Cup Members Information


Season Ticket Members

Tickets for December’s 1872 Cup clash against Glasgow Warriors are now available to 2023/24 Season Ticket Members.

The public sale will open on Tuesday 31 October at 12 noon.

Member’s can reserve, upgrade or buy additional seats for the game

  • What are my ticket options?

    The price you will see when logged into your Online Ticketing Account selecting your tickets will refer to the ‘upgrade’ cost.

    It will be £0 in the category that corresponds to your season ticket. However, it will show the upgrade price if you are selecting a higher category.

    • For Category 1 season ticket members, the price will be displayed as £0 for Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
    • For Category 2 season ticket members, the price will be displayed as £0 for Gold, Silver and Bronze. £5 for a Platinum upgrade per ticket.
    • For Category 3 season ticket members, the price will be displayed as £0 for Silver and Bronze, £5 for Gold or £10 for a Platinum upgrade per ticket.
    • For Category 4 season ticket members, the price will be displayed as £0 for Bronze, £5 for Silver, £10 for Bronze, and £15 for a Platinum upgrade per ticket.

    We have also rolled out two brand-new Family Passes in 2023/24, giving families the chance to attend matches throughout the upcoming campaign at a discounted price.

    Family Pass 1 contains one adult ticket and three U16 tickets, while Family Pass 2 includes two adult tickets and two U16 tickets, to provide easy and flexible options for families bringing the whole squad to December’s 1872 Cup decider.

  • Arranging your network

    Ahead of the pre-sale, please log-in to your account to make sure you can access the correct account and set up your network prior to your pre-sale opening tomorrow.

    To be able to secure and assign seats for other season ticket members in your party you must first have them added to your network on your e-ticketing account. We have included instructions below about how to add someone to your network.

    To add someone to your network, log into your online account and click the person icon to view your Account Menu.

    • Under Account Management, click My Network. Within your Network you can now click Add Members.
    • In the pop-up box, under ‘Search for an Existing Member’ you can enter the member’s client reference number and surname and add the member to your network.
    • You must ensure you are logged into your ticketing account and add your tickets to your basket to be able to reassign these. Once your tickets have been added to your basket, click on the basket icon in the top right corner then click Reassign.
    • In the pop-up box, click on the person you wish to assign to. Once you have selected, the pop-up box will close, and you will see the updated member details on the seat in your basket.
    • For full instructions on how to set up ‘My Network’ & how to assign tickets please see the FAQs pages below:
    • How do I set up ‘My Network’? – Scottish Rugby
    • How do I assign when purchasing tickets/passes?

    You will not be able to secure a seat for someone who has a season ticket in a different category to yourself i.e., if you are in Cat 1 and they are in Cat 2. That person will need to log on to their e-ticketing account and secure their seat themselves.

  • How do I claim my seat(s)?

    Follow the instructions below to secure your seat for the 1872 Cup:

    Login to the ticketing account that was used to buy your season ticket. You must ensure you are logged into the correct ticketing account to see the season ticket prices option. 

    As a season ticket holder, you will be able to confirm your seat at Scottish Gas Murrayfield for the 1872 Cup using the corresponding “ERST” price class as detailed below.

    When selecting your seat, you will see a price band beginning in “ERST“. This will be £0 if it is in the corresponding price category or will have an upgrade cost of £5 – £15, depending on your season ticket price category and the location of seat you are selecting in Scottish Gas Murrayfield.

    You can also buy as many additional match tickets as you like for others who are not members. There is no limit on your right to buy more tickets.

  • Can I buy extra tickets for friends and family?

    Yes. You can also buy as many additional match tickets as you like for others who are not members. There is no limit on your right to buy more tickets.

  • Hive Stadium to Scottish Gas Murrayfield Price Categories

    Category 1 = Platinum
    Category 2 = Gold
    Category 3 = Silver
    Category 4 = Bronze

  • What if I don't claim my seat(s)?

    The deadline to choose your seat location is 5pm on Monday 31 October.If you do not secure your seat, we will allocate your seat(s) within your corresponding price band.

    Tickets will be sent to the email address on the ticketing account of the assignee and they should be received by the week of the game.

  • Is Ticket Exchange available for this fixture?

    No, the ticket exchange functions is not available for this match.

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